Acor 90 Cantalupi LEDs

Interior and exterior downlight

Manufactured from the highest quality material, Acro 90 is a superior LED system that provides bright and dazzling illumination for premium yachts.

Acro 90 is a recessed LED ceiling light that features a sanded glass diffuser to ensure an even and uniformed distribution of light. Acro 90 is available with a variety of finish options which include either stainless steel or a lacquered finish to meet individual requirements.

The LEDs require a shallow installation depth of just 52mm, thanks to the slim profile of the Acro 90, creating a flawless and sleek finish. Available with high CRI LEDs the light can be purchased with either 2700K or 3000K white LEDs and can feature a dimmable facility for adjuting ambient interior lighting for luxury yachts.


Key Features

  • Shallow installation depth of just 52mm
  • Available in a variety of finish options
  • Featuring high CRI LEDs
  • Available in 2700K or 3000K white LEDs
  • Supplied with a 2 year warranty

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International Project Director

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