Illuminated yacht lettering for all boats great and small

Applelec Yacht gave this small but perfectly formed boat the elegant glow she deserves with our bespoke illuminated yacht signage. Created by embedding acrylic with thermally managed LEDs, the letters in our YachtLightWorks range were selected with the addition of 3mm thick metal flat cut letter faces from our Yacht Branding range.

As the letters required a Britannic Bold font, the crosses on the letter Ts (called tistens) needed stroke widths as small as 18mm without compromising the bright, even illumination of the yacht lettering. To overcome this, partial side illumination was achieved by painting 17mm of the 20mm deep returns. This leaves 3mm of acrylic at the back of the letter exposed where warm white LEDs create soft, subtle side illuminated yacht lettering.

To ensure this desired illumination is maintained in a marine environment, our illuminated yacht lettering is constructed with an IP68 rating to withstand wet conditions. The addition of metal flat cut letters was also taken into account, using stainless steel of 316 grade to provide resistance to the pitting and crevice corrosion of chloride environments.

To fit flush to the curvature of the boat, the rear acrylic of the yacht signage was milled out with a 7mm radius. This meant the yacht lettering could easily be secured using stud fixings as they were shaped to the bespoke measurements of the yacht.

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